I don’t have that feeling anymore..

There’s nothing there..

NO feeling..

There isn’t happiness.

There isn’t sadness.

I’m just trapped in nothingness..

Swish & Slosh

       In a sea of deep cheery blood red wine…

sloshing and swishing

      I watch silently, calculating my next move…

swishing and sloshing

Vinyl covered backdrops and straight bottled vodka

swish and slosh

Hot little redhead and cheap hotel rooms

slosh slosh and swish swish

The Obsession

show me nothing, all I want is your words.

create me a world, in which you and I can exist.

your everything that I want, but everything I don’t need.

show me everything, all I want is you.

Camel #9

And she said..

I like to sit in dark rooms…. with a Camel #9…. the potpourri makes it bearable…. with no sense of time..

And he said..

I like to sit in dark rooms.. with a bitch by my side.. her curves make it bearable.. there is no sense of time..

And they said..

We like to sit in dark rooms.. we sit side by side.. getting real high and making love..we have no sense of time…………

Darkening Desire

And in her complete.. desolate existence..

A single scarlet strand.. sliding.. shimmering.. slithering 

 Her darkness dancing.. awakening..

Stirring deep within.. her loneliness no longer there..

Slipping to her heart.. consuming her..


Copyright Sasha Skarlett 2016

For You Baby…

All you have to do baby…
All you have to do is play baby…
Mmmm YesAll you have to do is play along with me baby…
Submit to me … I’ll revive you baby…
Wear my chains … Wear my collar …
Start saying you’re my follower…
Beg baby…
I’ll give you what you beg for baby… I’ll give you what you crave…
I’ll give you everything I’ve saved… for you baby…

Copyright © Sasha Skarlett 2016